Our Story

jax-and-joe-photoshoot---014Established in 2001, Guru Athletics has been growing with the Hot Yoga community. Owned and operated by
studio owner and Yogi Jose Dos Anjos, Guru Athletics has always put YOGA first. Because of our first hand experience as
teachers and students of hot yoga, we understand the needs of those who practice in the hot yoga realm. Because of
our love of what we do, we now have grown to service over 100 studios across North America. We have come a long way
from our humble roots but we never forget our ultimate goal of making durable yet sustainable products that we feel good
about. All of our fabric based products are made from recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles and are antimicrobial and super absorbent, perfect for a hot class, and all other products are made from recycled and sustainable materials.

Some have been asking about the warranty on our towel. Here it is. If there is anything wrong with the towel, contact us and tell us the problem and we’ll fix it. We have a three month no hassle return policy. You can return the towel to us for any reason within three months if you’re not satisfied with it. We will take it back! No hassles! In addition, we offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty for defects.

We at guru athletics are committed to having a sustainable, eco conscious product. We use ALL recycled materials in our towel. It is made from recycled pop bottles. This process is super eco-friendly because after the towel is made out of this broken down plastic, spun into thread; the towel itself can be recycled back into that raw thread again and made into a new towel. Super cool!

In addition to our yoga towel, we offer a line of products that also follow sustainable practices.

These include our hand towel – named the mini g, which is a smaller version of our popular yoga towel. It is made out of the same recycled material and comes with a mini intention pocket. Our cork block, made out of super sustainable, renewable cork trees, and our natural cotton strap are also 100% recyclable.

Newest to our line-up is our water bottle – simply called “the bottle.”
It is made totally out of recycled 18/8 stainless steel.

We keep our products simple but unique and effective. Giving our clients, our students, and our friends great value with individual customer care is our mission. We are here for you because without you there is no us.

With gratitude and much love!!! Call me anytime on my cell (416) 271 6138 or email me at joe@guruathletics.com

Jose Dos Anjos
embrace your inner guru